Business Ethics

Choose any topic from below and need 4500 words with six references and no plagarisim and in APA format


VW Diesel Emissions Scandal

BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill

Starbucks U.K. Tax Scandal

Enron / Arthur Anderson Financial Scandal

Valeant Drug Pricing

Penn State / Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Subprime Loan Scandal: Countrywide, Bear Stearns, Lehman, Merrill, and others


VA Mismanagement

FIFA Bribes

Edward Snowden Civil Disobedience

College Admissions Scandal

Wells Fargo: New Accounts / late fee charges issues

Apple versus FBI: privacy versus security

Any other instructor approved case study

And power point :

· Minimum 20 slides

· 2 slides per student

· Minimum 6 references

· APA Format

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