Business Writing

Business Writing Week 4

How do you organize and structure information in your business writing documents (emails, memos, business letters, reports, presentations)?

How should a writer go about organizing and structuring information? 

    As you organize information, the goal is to have the reader “get” it all…therefore, what do you do in terms of the actual structure of what you write so that the reader “gets” it…

How do you determine the order information should be in?

Do you use bullets?





Transition words?

Other ideas?

What would you like to use but do not because it will make the document, perhaps, deviate from an established template or format that you are required to use? What latitude do you have to be innovative with the visual appeal of the information you must include in a message?

Be as specific as possible. Consider messages you have created in the past, or even have received that you would revise. Share these experiences.

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 200 words

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