Career Research Essay

Career Research Essay

Writing your Essay

Use the research you have gathered to write a seven paragraph essay about your chosen career.

  1.  Begin with an introductory paragraph stating who you are and your career plans.  Explain why you are interested in your career.  Using the information you received from the Clifton Strengths assessment, explain how your 5 strengths might help you as you pursue your career and as you enter your profession.

* Extra Credit Option: Gain some experience with your field.  Complete any of the following and include it within paragraph 1 or 7 in your essay/or attach it to your essay (see your professor).

  1. Upload a Resume in CareerHub for Career Services Review
  2. Attend an overview of services appointment with Career Services
  3. Attend an HCC Career Fair
  4. Complete a Mock Interview in CareerHub for Career Services staff to review

Click Here to learn how to access the CareerHub

  1. Your second paragraph should summarize the national information you found in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). Give the annual salary, job outlook, a brief description of the job’s responsibilities and the required education.
  2. Paragraph 3 should summarize the LOCAL information you found about your career using Career CoachCareer OneStop, or another reputable local source. Give the annual salary, job outlook, a brief description of the job’s responsibilities and the required education for the HOUSTON area.
  3. Now it’s time to talk about your financial future according to the Texas Reality Check report. Use the information from your financial assignment to write a paragraph that addresses the following. Give the amount of money you will need to earn to maintain the lifestyle you desire to live in the future.  Describe the lifestyle you intend to live and explain whether the expected annual salary (local or national) for your career will allow you to live that lifestyle. If it doesn’t, describe what steps you will take to deal with this situation. If you will have excess income, discuss what this will mean for your future.
  4.  Compare the annual salary you will need to live in Houston to the salary you would need to live the same lifestyle in two other cities. Use the information your financial assignment and the CNN Money Calculator. Discuss the differences in the cost of living in the two other locations versus the cost of living in Houston. Identify and report the largest percentage differences between the cities. Discuss whether family, groceries, housing or transportation are significant factors. Discuss whether your career is dependent upon location. Based upon your analysis, write a final statement that explains where might you decide to live.
  5.  Think about how you can help your community as you learn the transferable “soft skills” employers find valuable as you study. Find two places where you could possibly volunteer in the future that could use the skills you will acquire from studying and working in your profession.  Use the information you found at or another volunteer website to write this paragraph.  List the two places and explain what type of help they are requesting. Finally, explain how this volunteer experience could help you build your professional network.
  6. As a conclusion, write your long-term career goal as a SMART goal. Refer to the Goal Setting assignment. State your goal and by what date you plan to achieve it. Tell the reader three specific steps you will take to make the goal a reality. Acknowledge obstacles that will get in your way and say what you plan to do about those obstacles. End your essay with a narrative statement describing how your life will look and how you will feel when you reach your goal.

Your essay must be typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and formatted according to MLA or APA style. You must create a reference page according to MLA or APA style. When you use data from your research, you must follow that data with in-text citations. See the examples provided and use the citation generators suggested.

Click Here to View an Student Example of the Career Essay in MLA

Click Here to View an Student Example of the Career Essay in APA

Click Here to View an Student Example of the Career Essay in APA 2

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