case study analysis

  1. I will be expecting papers which analyzes the case chosen and gives some sort of action plan(s). Broadly speaking, I will expect the following:
    1. Defining the issue(s)
    1. Analyzing the case data (including SWOT)
    1. Generating alternatives
    1. Selecting decision criteria
    1. Analyzing and evaluating alternatives
    1. Selecting the preferred alternative
    1. Developing an action/implementation plan

Please make sure your paper follows the above outline. It should also be in the standard Drexel format, including a bibliography (references used). See below ‘As in all papers, please follow common guidelines:’ section.

The paper’s length will of course vary but will generally in my experience be between 12 and 15 pages plus supporting material. The length is not the most important criteria – it just needs to cover the above items in a concise and clear manner.

In this article you will read about Home Depot’s failure to enter the Chinese market. In the case you should pretend you are the CEO of Home Depot and that you are wrestling with how you are going to crack the Chinese market as well as analyze past failures.

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