week 8 discussion 1

1. How does Hobbes describe rights? And what do people have right to, given the human condition is a state of war? 

2. How does Rousseau criticize the idea that strength creates rights to things?

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Part 1- APA Format- 250 Words

For this assignment you will post your answers to the questions in each thread. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research, to support your views, as appropriate. You are encouraged to conduct research and use other sources to support your answers. Be sure to list your references at the end of your post. References must be in APA citation format. All posts must be a minimum of 250 words. For this assignment, create a new message and address the following items in your response.

1. Identify cybersecurity risks and threat agents that apply particularly to information systems in government organizations.

2. How is classified information different from other sensitive information?

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Review the following case scenario and provide a substantive 150 to 200-word response that thoroughly answers each of the following questions: 

Joe Smith is a 27- year-old Caucasian male who works two part-time jobs for two different construction companies. Joe has been having dizzy spells off and on for the past two months. While driving to work one day, he loses consciousness and is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Joe is admitted to your not-for-profit hospital with a broken leg and multiple lacerations. 

· Does Mr. Smith fit the typical profile for an uninsured person in the United States? Justify your answer.

· How will your hospital most likely be reimbursed for Mr. Smith’s medical care?

· During the recent economic downturn, your community has experienced unemployment rates of approximately 9%.  What can be done to mitigate the effects of the financial impact to your organization?

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Assignment: Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet

As a professional nurse, you are expected to apply your expertise to patient care. On occasion, you will also be expected to share that expertise.

With evolving technology and continuous changes to regulations designed to keep up these changes, there is usually a need to share information and expertise to inform colleagues, leadership, patients, and other stakeholders.

In this Assignment, you will study a recent nursing informatics-related healthcare policy, and you will share the relevant details via a fact sheet designed to inform and educate.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources on healthcare policy and regulatory/legislative topics related to health and nursing informatics.
  • Consider the role of the nurse informaticist in relation to a healthcare organization’s compliance with various policies and regulations, such as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).
  • Research and select one health or nursing informatics policy (within the past 5 years) or regulation for further study.

The Assignment: (1 page)

Create a 1-page fact sheet that your healthcare organization could hypothetically use to explain the health or nursing informatics policy/regulation you selected. Your fact sheet should address the following:

  • Briefly and generally explain the policy or regulation you selected.
  • Address the impact of the policy or regulation you selected on system implementation.
  • Address the impact of the policy or regulation you selected on clinical care, patient/provider interactions, and workflow.
  • Highlight organizational policies and procedures that are/will be in place at your healthcare organization to address the policy or regulation you selected. Be specific.
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Consider a topic in your discipline that is of interest to you. Please use this. Social work and the identification of human trafficking victims 

Based on your initial understanding of qualitative research, post a description of the topic you chose in terms of how it could be conceptualized as a qualitative study. Include:

What is the phenomenon of interest?

What experiences or contextual issues might influence how this phenomenon could be studied?

In what setting(s) could a topic like this be explored?

What connection do you have to this topic, and why do you think it is important to explore this as a qualitative study?

What possibilities could the results of this research have for social change?

Be sure to support your main post and response post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly evidence in APA style.

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Succession Planning Procedure

In a minimum of 500 words, document a succession plan for an employee (e.g., IT Developer, Maintenance Crew, Training Specialist, CEO) in your chosen firm. What concepts are crucial when recruiting team members? Be sure to address the following questions in your response:

  1. What are the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) of that position?
  2. Will you select, train, or both for these KSAs?
  3. How will you ensure your selected successor does not leave the firm?
  4. What succession planning process will you use?

Follow the steps above in chronological order. Any sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA format.

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Case Study Report

You are a strategic analyst for a management consulting firm that specialises in the analysis of Australian organisations. Your task is to write a report based on a case study of an Australian corporation. You are to use the framework models of strategic management, in order to evaluate the environment the organisation operates within and its mission goals and strategic choices. Additionally, you will provide some recommendations that both support and critique the strategic direction the organisation has chosen to pursue. 

 Woolworths Group Woolworths Group is a large integrated provider of retail and leisure. Best known for their supermarket operations, they have faced strong competition over the last few years from the Australian incumbent, Coles, as well as new overseas entrants such as Aldi and Costco. Woolworths has recently had a change in chief executive officer (CEO), following a profit downgrade and a failed attempt at entering the DIY retail business with their Masters Home Improvement stores. They are facing increased pressure on profit margins and their strategic direction. More information on Woolworths may be found at:  Annual report: https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/page/investors/ourperformance/reports/Reports  General company information: https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/page/about-us/ 

  Strategy:  : https://www.woolworthsgroup.com.au/page/about-us/our-approach/strategyand-objectives/ 

 Executive Summary (150 words) Table of contents (not included in word count) 1. Introduction (100 words) 2. Evaluating the organisation’s environment (550 words) a. External – use Porter and the most relevant 2 elements of PESTEL, (not required to use each one). b. Internal – use core competencies and value chain analysis. 3. Analysis of competitive advantage (200 words) a. Discuss competitive rivalry 4. Strategy formulation and choice (550 words) a. Vision b. Goals c. Initiatives – cost leadership vs differentiation 5. Recommendations and conclusions (450 words – write this section in ‘first’ person) a. With rationale for support of strategy b. With rationale for critique of strategy Reference List (not included in word count) Appendices (not included in word count) 

 You are advised to include a minimum of 7 academic references which should be textbooks or journals. Appropriate websites may be used in addition to these. 

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Cost-Benefit Analysis

In this discussion, you will build upon the economic opportunity that  you proposed in your Unit 3 assignment and use the information you  researched for you Benefits Values discussion post.

  • Analyze the costs and benefits over a five-year time horizon for your economic opportunity.
  • Propose executive recommendations to proceed with or defer the  pursuit of the economic opportunity. Be sure to include a sound  rationale. This may incorporate regulations, industry standards, and  best practices.
  • Use the preformatted Cost-Benefit Analysis Template spreadsheet, linked in the Resources, to conduct your analysis.

Post according to the Faculty Expectations Response  Guidelines. Remember to cite the readings, resources, and research that  you have used in the development of your post.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of other learners according to the Faculty Expectations Response Guidelines. 

  • If possible, select a learner who has not yet received a response  and evaluate their submission, highlighting both strengths and  weaknesses.
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Examine the Proper Implementation of Retention Management Strategies

For this assignment, you will assess the overall importance of developing and implementing a comprehensive retention management program. To be included in this paper are a number of important factors. First, the paper must define retention management and the influence of a retention management culture throughout the organization. Next, analyze the different management programs and practices that reduces employee turnover. For example, an analysis of the organization’s reward programs would address this component of the paper. Finally, the paper must examine an evaluation system for assessing the effectiveness of retention management methods.

Support your paper with a minimum of (5) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5 pages not including title and reference pages

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

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Digital Marketing

This  unit covered many strategies on marketing and advertising for    e-commerce sites.  As a digital marketing professional, you have been tasked to    develop an online  campaign for your company’s new apparel, which targets the    18–26 year old  young adult market in the United States. 

Write a three-page essay on your recommendations of at  least six digital    marketing advertising strategies (concepts), and explain how  each strategy    will  help the company’s new brand of apparel for young adults.  Determine the    possible challenges and benefits of online marketing  communication. The essay    should include an introduction, which presents the main  points of the essay.      

The  title and reference pages do not count toward meeting the minimum    length  requirement. Make  sure your essay follows APA format. You must use a    minimum of two external  sources other than the textbook. All sources used,    including the textbook, must  be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material    must have accompanying  citations. 

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