Chapter 7 Breaking News Assignment Obituary

You are a writer for the obituary section of the newspaper.



You will write an obituary about the life and death of one of the prolific figures discussed in Chapter 7:


  • John Adams


  • Benjamin Franklin


  • Thomas Jefferson


  • Benedict Arnold


The obituary must be at least 500 words in length.


Examples of obituaries can be found in practically any newspaper. The ​New York Times, is renowned for the thoroughness and timeliness of its obituaries.


You will be required to include the following information in your obituary:



  • Full Name


  • Date of birth and Date of death


  • Age at the time of death


  • Cause of death


  • Education


  • Occupation


  • Major accomplishments/achievements


  • Place of residence


  • Place of funeral/burial


  • Integrate at least two quotations from the historical figure you select into your obituary article
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