Childcare class question

, choose one of the following guidance strategies to elaborate on: developmental discipline, teacher effectiveness training, collaborative problem solving, positive reinforcement, natural and logical consequences, time-out, or time-away. Answer the following: 

What did you learn about your chosen strategy? What information surprised you? How will you use this information in the future? 10 – 12 sentences

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Complete the IRIS module Functional Behavioral Assessment: Identifying the Reasons for Problem Behavior and Developing a Behavior Plan and the A-B-C Analysis. Address the following questions based on the video in the A-B-C Analysis: 

What is the target behavior? What seems to be triggering the challenging behavior? What are the consequences that seem to maintain it? What function does this behavior serve for the child? Provide an example of another situation in which you can identify the antecedents, target behavior, consequences and function of behavior.  14 sentences 

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