Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), assignment help

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective because it’s primary objective is the self, working from the inside out. It allows the individual to utilize techniques and strategies to engage in self-exploration, self-evaluation and thus lead to self-motivation (Mothersill, 2016). The doctoral program sometimes could become overwhelming and would require the student to draw in on their internal and psychological strengths to deal with the negative thoughts which could be a distraction from the goal. CBT techniques focuses on changing the individual’s thoughts and behavior with the goal of improving their psychological well-being. Per Butler, Chapman, Forman and Beck (2006), there have been an overwhelming success rate with CBT as it is now being used to treat several disorders, such as, depression, panic disorder, anxiety social phobia and schizophrenia to name a few. The study compared CBT to other forms of treatment including medication, they also looked at the relapse rate and it was much lower compared to other treatments and half of that of pharmacotherapy. (Butler et al, 2006).

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