COM 111 Final Project

Topic: Communication with online games


There are two types of research required: 

1. Secondary sources: material you discover by searching scholarly databases on communication. Using popular search engines or websites such as Google is not sufficient, as much of the material that will be found is “commercial” by nature. 

2. Primary research: material that you personally collect and analyze. This could be achieved through a survey, interviews or simple observation.

The research paper will be written with contributions from every member of your group. 

1. A summary of your findings: Together, write an expository paper 8- 10 pages [double-spaced). The paper MUST include citations from secondary and primary research and contributed to by every member of your team. You must also include a bibliography on a separate page using MLA formatting.

Goal: We each need to write 3 pages for a total of nine pages and then a reference page. 

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