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“Communication is a process in which information, perception, and understanding are transmitted from person to person” (Huber, 2010). With that said, Huber (2010) also goes on to state that there are several different factors that contribute to effective communication, and include such things as mutual trust, respect, and empathy. When communication between parties takes place, the transmission of the message is received best when communication is clear, direct, and straightforward. Additionally, having a vision about an idea to improve patient care and being able to communicate that vision effectively to upper management also requires its own skillset, so to speak. Doing so requires the ability to manage meaning, create understanding and commitment, and take ownership of the vision in order to build trust (Huber, 2010). In order to create the most potential for success, utilizing various different communication tools and methods would be ideal. For example, I believe that creating a visual tool, providing a written proposition, utilizing physical props, and performing an in-person presentation might be exactly what is necessary to convey the idea clearly and effectively. The reason why I think utilizing multiple modalities might be the most effective is because it touches a little bit on the various types of learning methods (auditory, visual, kinesthetic), which in turn optimizes audience learning and retention.I NEED YOU TO COMMENT FROM THIS POST, 150 WORDS NEEDED AND A REFERENCE PLEASE

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