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A extrinsically motivated person is motivated when there is going to be some form of reward or advantage from behaviors. This is the majority of human behavior.  Example, A patient has the intervention to ambulate three times a day for 20 feet, the patient has refused, reporting that increased pain causes them to stop after ambulating 10 feet once a day.  A loved one comes to walk with the patient and the desire to ambulate increases despite the short increase in pain.  The loved one motivated the patient extrinsically through the reward of companionship (Watson & Naglieri 2011).A intrinsically motivated person is motivated when there is an internal personal reward.  This person acts because they enjoy the act itself.  Example:  The loved one from the above example enjoys the interaction with the patient and returns to ambulate because it is a joyful experience to witness the patients improvement (Cherry 2017).The characteristics of a performance driven team are that members have trust in each other and the team purpose, everyone is working to obtain the same goal, directions are clear, expectations are understood, everyone understands team and individual goals, all members interact in a non-threating environment, Disagreement and criticism is constructively geared toward the overall goal, all members participate and complete tasks, outside direction is sought when decisions can not be made, leadership changes from one member to another (Wiese & Ricci 2012).I NEED YOU TO COMMENT FROM THIS POST, 150 WORDS NEEDED AND A REFERENCE PLEASE

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