Community Intervention

III. Community InterventionBased on your group’s discussions, you have arranged for a community meeting to discuss the violence in the community.The following people come to the first meeting:• A teacher from the high school whose concern is that her students aren’t performing as well in school as they had been. When she has addressed this with them, they verbalize that increased violence makes it more difficult for them to get their work done.• A minister who is very involved with his community. Several of his congregants have lost family members and/or friends to recent violence.• A social worker from a community-based organization 10 miles away. He provides clinical outpatient services and has recently heard an increased concern about violence from his clients.• A teen who works in the local after school program who has become aware of the children attending the program feeling frightened to leave the program at the end of the day.• An ER doctor from the local hospital who has treated an increased number of patients who are victims of violence crimes.• The manager from a large department store who has seen an increase in thefts in his store.• A police officer who is very concerned about the increased violence in the community that he is witnessing firsthand.• A senior who resides in the assisted living community who is concerned for his safety.Choose one of the meeting attendees and create an intervention plan to address his or her concerns. This plan can be very specific to address the potential solution that will help this meeting attendee and the community as well.(Referring to your macro practice book for thisassignment will be helpful.)1. Set a goal for the intervention.2. Write objectives for the intervention.3. Establish a time frame for the intervention.4. Specify a result or outcome.

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