Community Nursing Discussion minimum 250 and.3 references for part 1, minimum 150 words and 2 references for Part 2 and Part 3

Part #1:You are the occupational health nurse at a local manufacturing facility.  You have a number of veterans with disabilities including prosthetic limbs.  You are preparing educational information on machine safety in the plant.  What roles would you play in developing the program?  What specific safety measures would you include in the information in operation machines cutting metals and plastics for the end products.  How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the education information?  The management is concerned about the cost of the education and any supplemental items needed.  How would you convince management it is a good investment?   Be specific using SMART goals to frame your project.Part #2:You are a community nurse with a strong faith commitment.  Your pastor has asked you to start health education sessions for the church.  The initial focus would be on seniors in the church. Knowing this could evolve into a parish nursing position, what are your first steps?What would be your first priority?  How would you engage seniors in the faith community in health?  What legal and ethical considerations do you need to address in fulfilling this role?  Support your discussion with evidence.Part #3:Discuss the school vaccination requirements in your state. vaccines are available but not required? Why they are not required? How does your state differ from other states or national recommendations? Have there been recent changes in past 5 years in vaccination requirements? What recent (last year) controversies about vaccinations has been in the national news about MMR Vaccines and autism? How can you specifically dispel myths or incorrect information?  What are measure of effectiveness of childhood immunizations?  What evidence would you use? CDC Immunization Information:

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