Computer Science


  1. Find all of the following information about your computer. (12 points total/2 points each)
    1.  Make and model
  • My CPU is [CPU]. Its clock speed is [SPEED].
  • Size of my RAM:
  • The total capacity of my hard disk is:
  • My optical drive is:
  • The operating system I am using is:
  • You are going to build a computer that has more capacity to replace your computer and is capable of running new software you intend to purchase and use in the future.

You must choose a different brand as a replacement.  For example, if you have a Dell, choose Asus, Lenovo or HP.  If you have a Mac, choose a different model Mac as a replacement.

First you need to choose a software product that you intend on using. Some examples of software you may choose to use:  Imaging software, Video Design software, Music Software, PC Game software, or Business/Tax software. (6 points total/2 points each)  Write down the software you chose along with the information below:

  1. Software product along with its version/release number
  • OS and minimum system requirements to run the software (memory, sound card, disk space,..)
  • Distribution Media for the software
  • The new computer must have more disk storage to hold at least twice as much data then the computer you are using now. (6 points total/2 points each)
  1. Disk Storage Requirements (double the amount of GBS):
  • What manufacture did you choose for your replacement computer?
  • Set a target budget for the replacement  (Intel computers probably should have a target price of $ 600-1300; A Mac computer should probably have a target price of $ 1200-$2300)
  • At this step, you will review different models at a vendor’s website (e.g., Dell, HP, Sony, Apple) and build a computer that satisfies your needs and fits your budget (20 points total)
  1. Desktop VS. Laptop. What did you I choose and why? (3 points)
  • Model, what did you chose and why? (3 points)
  • Operating System? (2 point)
  • Processor name? (2 point)
  • Clock speed(2 points)
  • Memory capacity(2 points)
  • Disk Drive choices; What did you chose and Why? (3 points)
    • Size
  1. Speed (RPM)
  • Other hardware devices (3 points)
    • Optical Drive
  1. Video card
  1. Sound card
  2. Summarize all the specifications of your computer (you can copy and paste this from your final customization page on the manufactures website). (10 points)

What was the total price for the hardware configuration you chose (do not include the cost for software) ?

Was the total price acceptable when compared to your budget (less than your original budget)?

  • Describe two reasons why this newly configured computer is worth purchasing (6 points)

60 points are available in this homework. This will be converted into a 10% grade.

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