Controversial issues-Finding “Little Albert”

One of the most frequently cited studies in American psychology is Watson and Rayner’s (1920) experiment with “Little Albert”.  Watson and Rayner are given credit for being the first to condition a fear response in a child, thus supporting the behaviorist perspective that Watson was best known for positing.  Yet, the study leaves more questions unanswered than answered.  The question for most people during the past almost 100 years was:  What ever happened to “Little Albert”?

For this paper, you will read the original 1920 study by Watson and Rayner.  In addition, you will read the Beck, et al. (2009) article that attempts to answer the ever present question along with commentary by other psychologists as to the validity of Beck, et al.’s analysis.  Finally, you will read the most recently published article (2012) that addresses the health of “Little Albert”.

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Your assignment is to write a 3-5 page paper (NOT including the title) page or reference list) as to who you believe was “Little Albert” based upon the information presented in the readings and supplementary materials.  Do not simply give me a summary of what others have said, but provide an analysis/synthesis of the currently available information as to what *you* believe is the best case scenario. You may or may not agree with what others have said…do some critical thinking!

The paper must be written according to APA manuscript style (6th Ed.). You do not need to provide an abstract for this paper (this is similar to what is expected for a special features article for the Journal of Psychological Inquiry), but you *do* need to have a proper title page in APA format, as well as a references page.

The files below are what you will be referencing for this paper and ONLY these articles.

Albert neurology (1).pdf

Beck, et al 2009.pdf

little albert Beck reply.pdf

little albert Powell history of psych article.pdf

little albert Powell.pdf

little albert Reese.pdf

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