Country Attractiveness for Market Entry

General Guidelines

choose India for work 

5-6 pages report about business in India

Every organization conducts research to plan and implement a business idea. This project is designed to provide the foundation for an international business plan. These activities offer flexibility for many settings related to global business enterprises. The framework can be used research a new foreign business opportunity. Each module listed below of this project is designed to gather information for one component of your project. Your objective is to assess a country’s attractiveness in terms of providing opportunities for profits and expansion. Your company is in the Department Stores retailing business.

The final result of your global plan may be in one of the following formats:

· Written report with supplementary tables and visuals.

Assessing the Economic-Geographic Environment

· Examine geographic and economic factors that affect the business environment of a nation

Assessing the Social-Cultural Environment

· Research social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs influencing business

Assess the technological advancement of the country

· Research the availability and use of advanced technologies in the country

Assessing the Political-Legal Environment

· Research the influence of government and regulations on business activities

Measuring International Business Success

· Suggest potential criteria for global business accomplishments based on financial results and social contributions

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