create a billboard advertisement for IKEA, Art & Design Assignment Homework Help

Your assignment is to create a billboard advertisement for IKEA’s new desk based on the following ad brief. 

Content:  Your advertisement must have at least a headline and a visual. Sub-headlines and slogans are optional

Text information:Select a font style(s) and type all your text information, including your headline, sub-headline, and body copy, using MSWord or PowerPoint.

 Visual:You may draw your visual by hand. You may also use graphic software such as Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator, and please do not use stock photos.

Advertiser: IKEA

Product: BEKANT Desk

· Product information:

· Product demonstration:

Target consumers:

  • Male and female full-time office workers in their 30’s and 40’s living in southern California (average annual income = $ 100K+)


· Location: Non-digital billboards in Orange County and Los Angeles County

· Schedule: July – December, 2016

· Size: 14’ h x 48’ w

· For this assignment, it is not necessary to format your work to the billboard aspect ratio. But, your ad must fit in the attached box (page 2).

Concept: Ergonomic / user-friendly

Deliverable: A billboard advertisement thumbnail (PDF file)

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