Create a memo & create a letter

You are the lead engineer for a company that creates household furniture. It has been discovered that a recently manufactured four-drawer dresser is defective (about 1 million units). The dressers are unstable and can tip over if they are not anchored to the wall. Serious tip-over and entrapment hazards can result, leading to potential injuries or death (especially to children). The models of dresser taller than 30 inches also do not comply with the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard (ASTM F2057-14). Upper level management is issuing a recall on the dressers and is requiring you to inform your fellow engineers and your clients about the recall.

Upper management wants you to inform clients to stop using the dressers unless they are properly anchored to a wall and placed in an area where children cannot access. Your company is providing free anchoring kits , including a wall anchor strap. Clients are also able to request a one-time, free in-home installation of the wall anchor strap.

You are required to create a memo to your fellow engineers informing them of the situation and what needs to happen next. You must also create a letter to your clients to inform them of the situation and letting them know what they need to do.



–          Follow appropriate document format for the memo and letter.
–          Use black text only.
–          Text size needs to be 12 point size.
–          Text needs to be singled spaced.
–          Margins on the document should be 1’’ on all sides.

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