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three paragraph

everyone of them just one page

9/02 –Write a paragraph using the following sentence types: simple, compound, complex, and compound complex. In the margins, identify and point to each. Use at least 10 of the following words: council, counsel, dominate, dominant, innocuous, noxious, prescribe, proscribe, all right, wear, ware, were, where, waist, waste (underline each one)

9/16 –Write a paragraph in which you identify one each of a linking verb, a transitive verb, an intransitive verb, and a passive verb (underline any auxiliaries with the verb). Include as well at least ten of the following words: cents, sense, since, themselves, biased, writing, written, trader, traitor, hanged, hung, their, there, they’re

9/19 –Write a paragraph showing a variety of plural and possessive forms. Also use and underline at least 10 of the following: a part, apart, heroes, heroine, heroin, waste,principal, repel, supposed to

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