Cultural Autobiography

Your name.  What is the origin of your family surname?  What is its meaning?Are there any naming traditions or ceremonies in your culture?What languages were spoken during your childhood?Geographically, where are your grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ places of origin?  What do you know about their childhood, religion, politics, schooling, marriage, attitudes about death, loss, mourning, rites of passages, etc.?  Are there things about your family’s history you would like to know but no one seems to want to talk about or share?What historical events (e.g., depression, World War I/World War II, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Attack on 911, the economic recession of 2008, civil unrest, Covid-19 Pandemic) affected your family most?Identify a family ritual, practice, ceremony you value or have especially enjoyed, or a significant event in your life.  Share an important author, book, film, or book you enjoyed.Have you ever experienced interpersonal conflict or prejudice because of your race, ethnicity, gender, cultural group, disability/special needs, or an organization you were involved with?  What was the setting—school, work, place of worship, neighborhood, friends, etc.?  Was this conflict resolved in any way, and if so, how?Describe a hobby or activity that is culturally related?What questions evoke the most profound wonder in your mind at this time in your life’s journey?What (people, places, events, situations) generate energy for you?  What are you good at that helps you overcome the challenges that life brings you?How does your socioeconomic status/social class influence how you move in your community and the larger society?Where did you grow up?Where did you go to school?What was the most critical/saddest/happiest moment of your life?In what ways has your culture been taught to you?How would you describe your communication style?What’s your career goal?How would you define success?

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