Cultural Competency, sociology homework help


The purpose of this assignment is to get you started on your Cultural Competence paper that is due in the second-to-last week by conducting the literature search and starting the paper with the outline of APA style. Please make sure you pay attention to APA formatting with the headers, font, and margins.

For this first portion of the assignment, you will turn in the “bookends” to your Cultural Competency Paper that is due in the second-to-last week.

The term “bookends” refers to the beginning and ending of an APA formatted paper: the title page and the reference page. You will need to complete your literature search and have at least 5 peer reviewed scholarly journal articles and the course textbook and cite them according to APA style in your reference page. You will also turn in the title page on your topic as cited in your APA manual.

It is recommended that your research articles be recent, within the last ten years. You can use something that is more than 10 years old, if it is the seminal work but you need to make it clear that is why you are using it. For example we are using an article for this class about Genograms from the 1990s because it is the pinnacle of work with Genograms. The reason we want you to use articles less than 10 years old is because research and technology advances and changes. What worked 10 years ago might be disproven in today’s world.

Overall, you will turn in only two pages (in a single file) for the assignment: the title page and the reference page.

Your Tasks:

Per the requirements of the prompt above, write your Cultural Competency Paper title page and reference page

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