Cultural Formulation, psychology homework help

I have uploaded the guidelines for writing the cultural formation assignment. Please go over the guidelines and then use the Cultural Formation Case below to write the assignment. PLEASE DO A GOOD JOB! I also have a rubric for you to follow which I have uploaded too. Please go over that!!!

Case Study For Cultural Formulation #3:

Fred is a 58-year old, married, White male with two grown children, who recently was diagnosed with colon cancer. He presents in session as very formal, wearing a dark business suit, white shirt, and maroon tie. His hair was impeccably cut, his black shoes shine brightly, and his nails appear manicured. In a somewhat flat affect, he complains of feeling depressed and anxious. He explains that his prognosis is actually good and he is expected to recover from his cancer treatment. He states, “I feel like I have wasted y life. All I’ve done is work… as if anyone cares. Sure, I didn’t spend much time with the kids when they were growing up, but then how could I have… I worked hard to make sure that they had a good life… and it got me the good life too… a beautiful wife, a nice home, new cars, practically everything I wanted. I feel like I’m being given a new chance in life, but I don’t really know what to make of it. Should I continue working? Should I retire early? What would I do if I retired? Play golf all day? I have some buddies, but my wife is my only friend and she doesn’t want to retire yet.”

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