cultural issues

part 1
Reflecting on the readings and the media pieces assigned in this unit, along with the Skin Deep video and the activities you completed on the RACE—The Power of Illusion Web site, write a paragraph explaining the cultural tendencies, issues, and trends that stood out for you as you engaged in the readings, videos, and activities.
Compile an initial list of resources on cross-cultural issues and trends that you could use in your World Cultural Perspectives paper. For each resource, describe your research strategy for locating it, and explain how it may add value to your paper. Be sure to include resources that apply to nonverbal communication as well. Format your references in APA style. Keep in mind that this list of resources may change throughout the course.

Part 2

After viewing the video Skin Deep and completing the activities on the RACE—The Power of Illusion Web site as outlined in this unit’s Studies, respond to the following: In the Sorting People activity, how many people did you sort correctly? Explain something new that you learned about the cultural characteristics shared among all human cultures., explain one cultural pattern you learned.

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