Danton Movie Reflection Essay, history homework help

Here is the direction. Then, write a coherent essay of about 600 words (not including notes, the works cited page, optional cover page, etc., that is, approximately 2 full pages) on the film and what it reveals about the French Revolution, as well as the Solidarity Movement in Poland. The essay can receive a maximum of 100 points and will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Brief synopsis of the film (10 points)
  • Description of the acting, scenery, costumes, and production (10 points)
  • Analysis of the film’s messages about the French Revolution (20 points)
  • Analysis of the film’s messages about the Solidarity Movement in Poland (10 points)
  • Evaluation of how useful and accurate it is to draw parallels between different historical periods and countries (10 points)
  • Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a film as a historical source, compared to the other types of sources we have used this semester (10 points)
  • Accuracy and effectiveness of your writing (10 points)
  • Effective support of your argument with references to specific parts of the film (10 points)
  • Proper formatting of citations (10 points)

I want the paper in a MLA format!!

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