Defining the Client’s Design Problem

Deliverable Length:  3–4 pages, plus title and reference pages.


In the client’s design problem, the design team asks numerous questions of the customers to clarify what was wanted from this design. Prepare a comprehensive report about the kinds of questions the design team must get answers to from the customer.

Consider the following questions as you prepare your report:

  • Why would you seek to clarify the goal of the project?
  • Why would you need information about the expected project completion date as well as the project success metrics? Also, why would you need to know who the owner of the project is?
  • Why would you need to know who the main point of contact within the client company is?
  • Why would you need to know if the company has had experience with a similar project in the past?
  • Why would you need information about possible blockers, from the client’s side, as far as the success of the project is concerned?


WebdesignerDepot Staff. (2011, January 19). What to ask a client before you start their project. Retrieved from

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