Demanding Equality, Activity 6.4 Discussion help

Part 1 – Your Initial Response

Please find the due date for this part in the Course Calendar.

Ida B. Wells and Susan B. Anthony were two women who worked hard to change post- Civil War America. Ida B. Wells was a champion for the rights of African Americans and Susan B. Anthony continued to fight for women’s rights.As you review the material, remember to evaluate it within the context of the times. Don’t place contemporary values on events that took place in the past. Both women were important activists although they had different perspectives on what was the important struggle for activists, many white women were frustrated that voting rights were extended to the former male slaves, but not to women. On the other hand African-American activists were often frustrated by the incomplete progress of Reconstruction and then by the enforcement of Jim Crow Laws. When we think about broad social change it is rarely the work of one person and that is important to keep in mind as is the fact that social change rarely happens quickly. Although neither Wells nor Anthony lived to see the change they sought, their missions succeeded because other people (men and women) picked up those respective torches.

Steps to complete the Assignment:

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  1. Read the following two documents that will help you understand what these women were fighting for.
  2. After reading the material provided post your reaction to the following questions.
    1. What was Susan B. Anthony hoping to achieve by taking the case to court?
    2. What defense did she present? What impact did her case have on the Women’s movement?
    3. What type of justice was Ida B. Wells fighting for? What was the prevailing opinion about lynching that Wells was determined to challenge?
    4. How did Wells’ s campaign contribute to the consolidation of the organized African American Women’s movement?
    5. How effective do you think these women were in bringing about change during the Reconstruction era?
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