Describe sampling theory and provide examples to illustrate your definition.

3 DQ2Sampling is using a subset of the larger group that have related things, for example the same disease diagnoses. Sample group shares similar characteristics with the population it is representing. The effectiveness of the COVID- 19 vaccines was researched and studied on a sample group of both gender of the adult population in the United States. The results of the study were useful to the sample group and useful to the population the sample represented. The sample group were the group of men and women who volunteer for the study, the similarities of the two groups were the risk if contacting COVID 19 virus.The article uses an example of an ischemic stroke study, if the study uses all patient that have suffered a stroke in the research it would be difficult and expensive. Therefor a sample size is of the stroke population is selected to represents the larger population of stroke patients in the study.Generalizability is a measure of how the results of a study on sample population would be applicable and effective on a large the population. An example of generalizability would be if 100 critical care nurses participate in research about an intervention that would decrease medication error, and the findings from the sample were useful for the population of nurses in decreasing medication error.Describe sampling theory and provide examples to illustrate your definition. Discuss generalizability as it applies to nursing research.Using 200-300 APA format with at least two references to support this discussion

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