developmental psych

Brain Games: Battle of the AgesThis assignment fulfills/Supports:1 page typedFor this assignment, complete the following steps:Step 1:1.  Watch “Brain Games: Battle of the Ages”, available through Films on Demand by clickinghere(opens in a new window).     From there, search for “Brain Games: Battle of the Ages” (you need to watch the full episode, ~24 minutes). 2:In a paper, thoroughly discuss the following:1.  Which brains (old or young) performed better on the number pattern task?  Explain why.2.  Which brains performed better at keeping track of the people?  Explain why.3.  Which brains performed better at the light bulb switch task?  Explain why.4.  Explain the difference between crystallized and fluid intelligence.  Is one more important than the other?  Support your statements with information from the textbook or video.Citing Sources:   You must use APA style to reference your source(s) at the end of your submission.  For this assignment, you must include reference information for your textbook and the articles provided.  Information on how to format reference information (including a reference generator) in APA style can be found on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website at in a new window).Acceptable Length: Minimum of 1 page typedFormatting Requirements:  APA

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