Discussion 1: abnormal Psychology

To successfully complete this discussion,Based on your required resources, define abnormal psychology.Interpret why you believe it is important for clinicians to consider the three perspectives of abnormality.Discuss the origins of mental illness and how theories throughout time have affected the metamorphosis of abnormal psychology.Identify at least two of the theoretical foundations associated with abnormal psychology.Discuss your understanding for the use of the DSM-5, and how it too has changed the process for diagnosis.Based on the controversial viewpoints of Szasz (1960) and Ausubel (1961), as well as the other required resource information, evaluate your own beliefs about mental illness. Is it real? Is it common or uncommon? Is creativity supported by behaviors resembling mental illness? Support your viewpoints using citations.Elaborate on why culture should be considered, associated with behaviors, and what might be considered normal versus abnormal.REQUIRED ARTICLE  AND VIDEO:IS “ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY” REALLY ALL THAT ABNORMAL?https://div12.org/is-abnormal-psychology-really-all-that-abnormal/How mental illness changed human history – for the better: David Whitley at TEDxManhattanBeachhttps://youtu.be/yVwfJzZdkQ0MUST USE RESOURCES PROVIDED! PLUS TEXTBOOK AND ANOTHER ARTICLE THAT ARE ATTACHED!

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