Discussion Board Thread #4

Due      11/18

Thread: Cite and provide examples of at least 2 best practices for using social media to conduct research. Discuss concerns you have about those examples of social media research.

400-450 words


Discussion Board Thread #5

Due      11/23

Thread: Analyze postings on the Comcast Facebook page. What are general themes you see discussed? How well does Comcast respond to negative customer posts? Do Comcast’s responses match the corporate mission? Imagine that you are the social media manager for the company. What kind of messages are best to use in negative situations? What biblical principles of communication can help you provide the right kind of responses?

400-450 words


Discussion Board Thread #6

Due      12/07

Thread: How are companies that sell products using social media considered visually based promoting their products? Find one company that is doing this effectively. What contributes to the success of that company’s social media e-commerce efforts? If you were the social media director, how would you more effectively use visual social networks to sell your products?



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