Question 1, China and its Great Wall “ Two interesting facts about the Great wall ,what was the purpose of the Wall and how successful was it? ,Are backyard fences good examples of modern-day privacy walls? Y or N or maybe? Why?

Question 2, “Muslim Structures and Pilgrimage”

The purpose of the Hajj and two interesting aspects of this event.

Discuss the relationship between Mohammad and the Dome of the Rock: What happened at the Dome of the Rock?

Discuss the Relationship Between Art and Worship: In your opinion “is a more festive lively visual music filled atmosphere” preferred over “a quiet, plain, simple atmosphere” when one is worshipping?

Based on the information I discovered about the Hajj, I will recommend changing the dates for the presentation in Mecca of Saudi Arabia: Yes or No and why? (your opinion)

Question 3, “Europe’s Cathedral Architecture”

1. Identify two key functions of stained-glass windows in the Gothic style in Europe’s cathedral architecture. What purpose did the stained-glass windows serve

2. Identify two (2) differences between the Romanesque and Gothic cathedral structures

3. Identify one (1) existing structure (the closer to your home the better) that is Romanesque or Gothic and

identify two features that support your identification.

4. Will you tear down the historic building and build the shopping center? (Your Opinion)

Question 4 “Leonardo, the Renaissance Master”

Describe the moment captured in Leonardo’s Last Supper painting and discuss the reasons why disciples are shown on the same side of the table.

Describe the most well-known techniques that Leonardo used to give more realism to the painting.

Next, discuss one (1) of Leonardo’s inventions (or proposed inventions) that most fascinates or surprises you, and explain why. Compare Leonardo to some modern that lives today. (who today is a great inventor, entrepreneur, World Changer or Businessperson, that has multi-skills and talents)

Question 5, “Van Eyck and Analyzing Art in the Northern Renaissance”

Please respond to the discussion questions, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response: Explore Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Double Portrait

Henry Sayre’s interpretation in Chapter 16 and Figs. 16.7-16.8) Margaret Koster’s interpretation at http://www.thefreelibrary.com/The+Arnolfini+double+portrait%3A+a+simple+solution.-a0109131988 (if link has moved, please copy and paste link in your browser)


Question 6 “Reform” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Compare Erasmus and Luther in their attempts to bring about religious reform. Consider the role of the printing press and the actions of German princes in helping Luther to succeed. Next, identify one (1) example of the Protestant Reformation’s impact on visual arts. Pretend you are in a company or some other group in which you feel there is corruption. (Use a real incident if you wish). You have the option of remaining and working for reform from within, or of leaving and hoping to start or land something new. Describe your decision and the “dangers” of that decision and describe the factors that you had to consider.

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