Discussion #2 – Case Study: Uniqlo: A Supply Chain Going Global by Benjamin Yen

The University of Hong Kong Asia Case Research Centre, Case HK1085


This case study will serve as the basis for this group discussion.  In less than 20 years, Uniqlo has become the leading fast-fashion retailer in Japan and a strong player in other Asian countries like China, Korea and Taiwan.  The case concerns their global expansion to Europe and North America, and the supply chain implications of this expansion.

Before creating your initial post, consider the case content in light of the course coverage so far – such as supply chain design, forecasting, various aspects of inventory management. Focus on why Uniqlo’s growth rate Uniqlo in the U.S. and Europe has been slow, and make arguments for decisions that may help them overcome current challenges.  You should provide justification for your arguments by detailing your experiences or those that have been recently published (e.g., peer reviewed articles, magazine stories, or newspaper accounts).

You are required to create one post (using 150-250 words)

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