Many students comment that they like that our class relates to the “real world.”  This assignment accomplishes exactly that.  During our course, there will be many current world events that relate directly to things we will be studying.  You can find them on the daily news and in the sources listed in your syllabus.

Each student’s goal is to compare current news about an organization with our Organizational Behavior course topics.  Then comment on how this organizational fits your personal preferences as you’ve come to understand them.   After finding a current news story, write exactly how this news relates to our course, including your thoughts on it. Use only a Canvas discussion board. 

For example, one student found a New York Times video about how Amazon treats its employees and compared it to motivation, job satisfaction, employee empowerment and organic organizational structure. She commented on how her personal style of motivation is affected, and on other personal thoughts.  She entered it into a Canvas discussion board.

  • Create one original post to the discussion board by the 11:59 PM on the due date you chose in step 1

Find one news article.  An acceptable news article:

  • Has direct relevance to specific concepts in our course.
  • Is less than 3 months old.  The more current the better.
  • Covers materials from our course.
  • Can be a print article, online written article, TV, radio story, video, or other relevant media.  You must be able to allow other students to see it by posting a link to it on your discussion board post.

Create a 200 to 300 word discussion board post.

  1. Select 10 key words or topics from our course to relate to the article.  
  2. Briefly define all key words
  3. Write exactly how your article demonstrates the key words or topics you defined
  4. Communicate your personal thoughts on the article.
  5. Post a question for other students to answer.
  6. Review your draft for organization, grammar and connection to the course
  7. Submit a well thought out and polished entry to the discussion board.
  8. Include a copy of the article or a link to it.
  • Read at least 2 other students’ posts

Reading the ”Showrooms” is a great way for every student to:

  • Learn how the concepts we are studying apply to the real world.
  • Review for the exams, since exams are focused on applying our course to the real world.
  • Enjoy the course more.
  • comment on 2 other students’ posts in a discussion board

Comment on exactly how the article related other aspects of our course.  Every student is responsible for “adding to/commenting” on 2 showrooms.  Comments will be graded on relevance to our course and on bringing new topics into the discussion.  250 words should be adequate.

Scoring – 300 points possible

  • Personal Newsroom discussion board post and class presentation = 200
  • Commenting on other posts. 2 comments at 15 points each = 100 

The best efforts will:

  • Thoroughly explain how our course topics apply in “the real world of business”
  • Select an article that thoroughly covers the news story.
  • Select an article that relates to a lot of course key words/topics
  • Write about many course topics as they relate to your article  
  • Be well written
  • Be thoroughly proofread

Tips and hints

Choose a news article that contains enough information to promote discussion on many course topics.  If your article is too narrowly focused or too short, it would be impossible to relate to enough course topics.  That would result in a bad grade for this assignment 


Find a suitable article
Choose course topics and key words to relate to the article.
Write a 300 word discussion draft.
Ask other students to review and proofread your draft
Make final revisions Upload article and discussion text
Check the discussion later to see what else you can learn from them.
Comment on other “Showrooms”
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