Topic: We will open the class with a discussion on how sales training will benefit you in your current position working in sports. If you are not yet working in sports, then the question becomes how can sales training help you get to where you would like to be in the sport industry. Please search for articles that discuss the benefits of sales training and apply the positive attributes to your current or prospective career path.

Based on the current issue or any archived issues of the Sports Business Journal, please research this topic and support your opinion with a citation or citations. As a convenience for your colleagues in the class, please provide the name of the Sports Business Journal article you locate, as well as the year and month of the publication. In your thread, use one additional resource and one Scripture references, above and beyond what is found in the Sports Business Journal, to support your opinion. Please provide appropriate citations according to APA format.

Be sure to read the specific directions for successfully answering discussion prompts for this course in the assignment instructions area.

 You must include at least one Scripture reference and one other primary or secondary source in addition to referencing the SportsBusiness Journal. Include the URL of the online resource(s) so others can read the articles to form a basis for response.   

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