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For the week 4 discussion board let’s talk about the beginning of Chapter 6 (this week’s assigned reading). On pages 222-224 the author’s describe three brainstorming strategies for starting essays: freewriting, listing, and diagramming. On pages 225-230 they describe question-asking, which I also think of as an invention strategy. So since everyone should be wrapping up the first essay now, let’s discuss your writing process. For your primary post please tell us which of these strategies you used to develop ideas for your first essay or which technique you’d like to try for writing a future essay. Personally I love the question-asking strategy. It gets me thinking more deeply about a topic sand I find that in the process of asking myself questions, I also lead myself into more interesting directions in my argument.  In your two secondary posts please comment on the techniques used by other writers, adding comments about what has and has not worked for you in previous writing assignments. So, we are talking about writing this week- what works for us and what doesn’t.

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Current Issues and Enduring Questions, by  Sylvan Barnet (Links to an external site.), Hugo Bedau (Links to an external site.), John O’Hara (Links to an external site.) ISBN 1319035477, edition 11.

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