Discussion and Research Paper

Discussion 1: Color (Advantages and Disadvantages)For this discussion, please use your weekly readings to compose a response to the following prompt/question(s):What are the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of color in data visualizations?  Provide at least three advantages and three disadvantages.  Why do you consider each an advantage and disadvantage?Discussion 2: Graph 2 ReflectionFor this discussion, please use your weekly readings to compose a response to the following prompt/question(s):Graph 3 (You must select a different graph than one that you have previously discussed)Select a data presentation from chapter 6 of the text (Grey Section).Pages 160-209 in the 2016 EditionPage 140-189 in the 2019 Edition**You should have the 2019 Edition for this course.Answer the following:What is the Page # and picture/snapshot of your Visual?What is the visual that you selected?What is the purpose of the visual?What kind of data should be compiled in the selected visual?What kinds of data should not be compiled in the selected visual?How can you avoid making the visual misleading?For this 2 discussions… I need 1 page each…Research Paper:Chapter Readings Reflections Journal 7-9Chapter Readings Reflections JournalAs you develop and move through this course it is important that you are able to reflect on, report and assess your learning throughout your educational journey, using weekly reflection papers. Your reflection journal is due at the end of weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 during this course.  All weekly reflection papers should be a minimum of two full pages of prose (for each chapter), double-spaced, in proper APA formatting using citations when appropriate.   Please use Microsoft Word for all writing assignments. Each Chapter Reading Reflection should address the following prompts:Summarize the content of the chapter addressed.What were some of the highlights in this chapter and learning opportunities?Share some new ideas and/or thoughts that you developed from the reading of the chapter.How do you think you can apply this chapter’s concepts into your home, school, personal-life or work environment?Paper From Chapters 7-9

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