Discussion: Chapter 2 Biological and Environmental Foundations

*In  order to get full credit for each discussion, you will need to post a  thoughtful, well-written (this includes proper spelling and grammar)  response to the question and respond to two of your classmates’  answers.  Your original post should be detailed and address all aspects  of the question. Your original post should include at least 2 paragraphs  (for a single question) or 2-3 sentences per question (if multiple  questions are provided).  **Review of the Ch. 2 PowerPoint and the linked articles and videos will be helpful preparation for this Discussion response.Discuss your opinion (agree or disagree with the technology)  on any 3 of the following reproductive technologies:  surrogacy, egg donation, in vitro fertilization, sperm donation, cloningWhether you agree or disagree with the technology, identify at least  one moral or ethical issue that could arise from the use of each of the  3 technologies you discussed in Question 1.

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