Discussion Post 3-4 paragraphs –Visual Perception Disorders

– A summary about color agnosia. Include the brain area(s) responsible for the condition.Discuss the symptoms of the condition or the common problems that people with this form of brain damage often experience.Briefly summarize the journal article that you selected ( the article is attached), detailing the underlying neurobiology of the condition.-If you had this condition, explain what everyday life would be like including its impact on your occupation, relationships, and leisure time.- Include how the condition might affect your behaviors and experiences in these settings.-What are some adaptations that you could make that would ease the effects of this condition?References MUST come from:Course Text: Garrett, B., & Hough, G. (2018). Brain and behavior: An introduction to behavioral neuroscience (5th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.Chapter 10, “Vision and Visual Perception”Colour agnosia impairs the recognition of natural but not of non-natural scenes (the article is attached)

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