Discussion Question

2 questions – make sure each # 1 and 2 are on separate pages and no more than 2 pages total. no need to be double spaced of formatted!

1. use these links below for reference

The Queen of Prints
Trina Turk

California designer Trina Turk has been named “The Queen of Prints.” Her designs are a wonderful balance of color and textile design that have been interpreted into striking silhouettes.

As you review the Trina Turk website, consider the following: Do you think Turk’s textile designs complement both the apparel and home market?

Recently, Trina Turk developed products for Banana Republic. Why do you think Banana Republic picked Trina Turk?

Name another designer, past or present, whose success focused primarily on textile design.

2. In this module, we identified many different elements that can influence the design concepts and styling direction of fashion. Fashion icons have the most influence over style in our society.

Review the list of the All-Time 100 Fashion Icons and state who you believe are the three most important icons and explain why.

Then, identify one person on the list who you feel did not belong and explain why.

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