Discussion Questions

Read an article  called “Something   Borrowed”


Answer the question  below ( each questions need to be at least  8 sentences)

  1. Speaking of which, is the influence of social media (not to mention the greater Internet) on poetry–and other literary genres–a pernicious one, or not? 
  2. If, as Goldsmith claims, “We [conceptual poetry] held the stage for fifteen years as the most challenging movement in poetics,” and that time is up, what do you envision and/or hope or fear will be next? What might the next movement in poetics be?
  3. According to Goldsmith, “this is writing now. You may not want to hear that or think of it as writing, but I’m telling you that the moving of information is a literary act in and of itself. Even when people aren’t reading it.” What do you think of this? Is Goldsmith going too far by calling the mere “moving of information…a literary act”? Rather than depending our own capacity for invention to create original work, should we resort to recasting existing texts, as we do on social media, or would that draw our artistry into question?
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