Discussion: Understanding Workflow Design As you explored last week, the implementation of a new technology can dramatically affect the workflow of an organization. Newly implemented technologies can initially limit the productivity of users as they adjus

To Suraya ONLYThis is the first assignmentDiscussion essay due early tomorrow no later than 0832 am. APA formatDISCUSSIONThe instructions for the discussion require you go to the AHRQ website.PLEASE NOTE: This website can have a lot of traffic, and may have error messages at times, perhaps due to many people trying to access the site at the same time. DO NOT WAIT to the last minute to take a look at the content here!As you check out the information located on the different tabs (now “See All Workflow Tools”), identify 3 key concepts (TOOLS) that you could use to improve a workflow in your own organization and consider how you could use them. Once you click on “See All Workflow Tools” you will arrive at this page http://healthit.ahrq.gov/health-it-tools-and-resources/workflow-assessment-health-it-toolkit/all-workflow-tools. Use these tools for your Discussion.Go the Research tab and identify and read one article that is of interest to you and relates to your specialty area. The articles are no longer in a list format, so you need to conduct a search.  You need to integrate this article into your discussion post.  PLEASE INCLUDE THE CITATION FOR THIS ARTICLE.Finally, evaluate the importance of monitoring the effect of technology on workflow.Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses. Focus particularly on questions raised for which you can add comments based on your experiences or situations. (See Discussion section for full details).

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