Diversity in early childhood

Answers are based on reading materials Chapter 8. 

1. What characteristics define an English Language Learner?  What are the stages that define the second language acquisition process? Why is preservation of a child’s first language important? What are your thoughts on preserving a first language? How could you assist in this process if you do not speak a student’s first language?

2. This part is on a different page,

Please post your Reading Log with a two paragraph summary and two paragraph reflection on the chapter 8.  Considering the language diversity of the nation, reflect on what steps you would take to meet the needs of linguistically diverse children?

Link to the book


Reference for the book

de Meléndez, W., & Beck, V. (2019). Teaching young children in multicultural classrooms: Issues, concepts, and strategies (5th ed.).  Boston, MA: Cengage.

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