Diversity Issues in the Field of Psychology#week4discussion

Diversity Issues in the Field of PsychologyWhat did you learn about this week that grabbed your attention or caused you to think more deeply about it? Cultural competence is defined as one’s ability to interact with people from belief systems outside of our own by way of acknowledging and understanding the differences that create unity among us (APA, 2020). A courseroom filled with learners that respect their fellow peers for their culturally diverse backgrounds adds value to the course and creates an all-inclusive environment where learners are free to express themselves. A learner who does not feel part of the learning community will not learn all they need to learn to be successful.Using a minimum of 50 words, create a post that talks about cultural diversity. The goal is to share your views of how interactions with peers of multicultural backgrounds and experiences can enhance and increase dialogue. Be creative!Share how this topic impacts you personally, professionally, or in relevant current events.Share how you may be able to apply this topic in your life, personally or professionally.How much of an impact does cultural diversity have on your desired research topic?You may include a URL to a resource that is informative, attractive, and engaging to readers.You may include a relevant image that captures readers’ attention.Label your post with a hashtag (e.g., #Week4discussion) so that others can sort posts by the week’s topic.Do not create your post as a reply to this pinned post. Instead, use Yellowdig’s Create option to create a new post.Response GuidelinesUsing a minimum of 60 words, respond to one or more posts posted by your fellow learners:What did you find interesting about the culturally diverse backgrounds of your peers?

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