Kimberly Morris    3 posts   Re: Topic 7 DQ 2  One of the keys to making a successful change and to assess its effectiveness is to collaborate with your partners to see what is most meaningful to you and the stakeholders (Prosci, n.d.)The evidence-based practice project I chose was to see if early education would an effect on the neuro and behavioral development of children. This seems to be a rather lengthy project which may actually take years to see if there is any relevant change. One thing I can do is to see the number of families who are willing to receive the information regarding lead and its negative effects. By knowing how many families within a higher risk area are being given the necessary information to make educated choices regarding lead, this will allow me to know at least how many families I am working with. This would give me a base number and then I could further study the children within the first five years of their life to know if they have been tested for lead, have tested above the suggested limit, and if they are having any neuro or behavioral problems. This would then allow me to get a percentage to see if there have been any significant changes within the high-risk community. Unless when discussing it with the other stakeholders involved, they have other ideas to measure the outcome, I would propose this.  Reference  Prosci. (n.d.). Metrics for measuring change management. Retrieved from  https://www.prosci.com/resources/articles/measuring-change-management-effectiveness-with-  metricsReference must include doi or retrieval URL

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