Econ essay (1 and 1/2 page)

Are Workers in Developing Countries Exploited by Multi-National Corporations? (20 points)

Hints: There is no “correct” yes/no answer. It is critical that you:

1. clearly state your main points;

2. support your main points with theory (i.e. logic/reasoning, or the models we have discussed in class) and data (examples with made-up numbers are theory, not data);

3. Make sure the sources are credible before you use the data;

4. List or clearly state the sources of all your data;

5.  List or clearly state all your references

Please finish your essay using MS word and print it out. 12 points, Times News Roman, double spacing. There is no min. requirement or cap for length.

Your essay will be graded based on substance (e.g. how well your theory and data support your arguments) and clarity of exposition.

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