Effects Of Globalization On Cities And Communities

Will require you  to develop a research-based and well-written responsive essay concerning the effects of globalization on cities and communities.  There is much research on the topic of globalization; however, you  should be able to synthesize the wealth of information and to present a clear and well-researched responsive essay.  

This assignment, you should develop a responsive essay that addresses (at a minimum) the following: 

1. Define globalization.

2. Discuss the historical origin of globalization

3. Identify at least one theoretical perspective used to analyze globalization.

4. Discuss general dimensions of globalization (please access the link below for an

a. explanation of the general dimensions, which are interconnection, intensity,    

b. integration and institutionalization, pace, and level of impact).

5. Identify major debates concerning globalization (e.g., hyperglobalizers;

a. transformationalists).

6. How have social institutions (or processes) in cities been affected by globalization?      (Here, you can discuss what some call “dimensions”.  These include: the economy,

a. politics, culture, technology and international trade relations).

7. What are some successes, failures, and consequences of globalization?

8. Identify current and/or future trends of globalization and its effect on cities.


Be sure to follow all requirements concerning citations and requirements for submitting a well-developed responsive essay.  The length of the responsive essay should not exceed 3-4 pages.  Please single space your response.  You can use the questions as an outline (or format) for your responses. 

Useful Reference Material for this assignment:

Center on Law and Globalization.  (Dimensions of globalization)***


Professor Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University.

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