Elementary Education, assignment help

Part A, Short-answer: Answer the following questions in a 250-500-word response:

  • What are some of the factors that influence young children’s cognitive development according to the theories developed by Vygotsky?
  • Explain one way that scaffolding can be used by a teacher to promote student learning.
  • Describe a skill area that may be difficult for an elementary student with a mild cognitive impairment. Defend your answer.
  • Describe the developmental theories of Piaget in relation to cognitive development.

Part B, Essay: Several girls in your fifth-grade class are disengaged during math instruction and discussions. Citing a theory and/or theorists, write a 500-750-word essay in which you describe teaching strategies intended to encourage them to participate and develop more confidence in their abilities. Consider developments in a global and digital society as part of your response.

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