nstructionsPlease complete the following steps for your discussion post and response.Energy comes into the body through carbohydrates, fats, lipids and proteins and this food energy is transferred to cellular energy through digestion, absorption and transportation.Describe in detail, the process of energy extraction from one of the pathways discussed this term.What specific reactions are taking place within the body or outside the body during this process?Why do you think this is an important pathway and what would occur in the body if this pathway were to be altered or eliminated?Could the types of food consumed by your patient potentially negatively impact their health?There are many types of fad diets on the market. Discuss how ones of these types of diets can impact the body. Your answer should include information on how this fad diet impacts your energy pathway.Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

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