English assignment


This week and next week are the most intense of the class, as you read a lot about the argument, complete research as needed, and start writing the research paper. The major goal this week is to compose a rough draft of the research paper.

Discussion Question Response

Since there is a lot of information in the chapters you read this week on argument, I’d like to reinforce the concepts by discussing them and showing how they apply.

Choose one of the following concepts and write an explanation of it. (Do not simply copy the textbook or other source. I’m looking for your own wording in order to show your understanding.) The explanation should be at least several sentences long; it might be a couple of paragraphs. Then apply the concept to your own plans for the research paper. Be as specific as possible with the plans. If you are explaining a Rogerian argument, for instance, you might explain the ethical issue you are researching in your profession and indicate the compromise that could be the suggestion in your proposal.

  • ad hominum argument
  • analogy
  • counter argument
  • ethical appeal
  • rhetorical situation
  • stance
  • stasis theory
  • Toulmin argument
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