English composition 1010 sentence revision

Comparison/Contrast by its very nature calls for balance; writing sentences that utilize effective sentence combining using coordination and subordination is an ideal way to help create balance and how relationships between ideas.  In addition, creating sentences that are parallel also helps effective balance and style.  (Use strong revision skills to develop effective, specific, and thoughtful sentences.)Combine each sentence pair into a single sentence using a subordinating conjunction and then copy the
combined sentence onto your own sheet of paper.
1. Jake is going to Mexico. There are beautiful beaches in Mexico.
2. A snowstorm disrupted traffic all over the east coast. There will be long delivery delays this week.
3. My neighbor had his television volume turned up too high. I banged on his door and asked him to
keep the noise down.
4. Jessica prepared the potato salad and the sautéed vegetables. Ashley marinated the chicken.
5. Romeo poisons himself. Juliet awakes to find Romeo dead and stabs herself with a dagger.

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